After you achieve your Permanent Residency, what’s next? Naturalization?

Why Naturalization? Why become a US citizen?


  • The Right to Vote

  • Bringing Family Members to the United States

  • Obtaining citizenship for Children Born Abroad

  • Traveling With a US Passport

  • Become Eligible for Federal Jobs

  • Patriotism



If you, family member(s) or friend(s) are Permanent Residents and believe you are ready to become a US citizen and deserve the benefits of US Citizenship, feel free to contact me to set-up your consultation.


We will discuss the details of your path to Naturalization.  I will be by your side every step of the way and help you to understand the legal process.  You can count on my commitment to you; I strive to earn your trust.


Call me or submit my online form and we can set-up your Naturalization consultation. Your confidentiality is 100% protected.

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It is strongly recommended that all persons with immigration inquiries seek the counsel of a legal professional.

An immigration attorney can determine the best course of action for any potential case and its unique set of circumstances.