Applicants Can Now File for TPS

US Citizenship and Immigration Services | July 21, 2021

On July 21, 2021 the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration and Services announced Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Applications would be available to nationals of Burma, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela or Yemen, or individuals without nationality who last habitually resided in one of those countries. Applicants are now eligible to complete Form I-821 online if it is their first time applying for TPS.

“USCIS is using innovation and technology to meet the needs of applicants, petitioners and employees, regardless of the paper or electronic format of an application or petition, USCIS is committed to ensuring a secure and efficient process for all.” -USCIS Acting Director Tracy L. Renaud.

The option to file online is only available to applicants filing for the first time. Applicants that are renewing their TPS applications must continue to file the paper version of Form I-821. If a TPS applicant is from a country that was not listed files Form I-821 USCIS will deny the application and retain the filing fee. USCIS is expecting an increase of applicants by allowing the TPS application to be available to new applicants online and by paper.

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