Summary: Biden Administration First 100 days

AILA Doc. No. 21041902. I Dated April 28, 2021

AILA publishes a series of 12 charts comparing President Biden’s accomplishments 100 days after entering office with the comprehensive recommendations AILA presented to the president in A Vision for America as a Welcoming Nation. Each of the 12 charts presents a major area of reform and is accompanied by this Executive Summary evaluating how the Biden administration has performed in AILA’s priority areas. A Vision for America as a Welcoming Nation was developed in consultation with AILA’s national policy committees and its network of pro bono volunteer lawyers who represent people in U.S. detention centers.

The Biden Administration is off to a strong start with its first 100 days. During this short time frame several policies that were implemented during the previous administration have now been rescinded under the Biden Administration. Policies such as the muslim ban, refugee ban, and the public charge rule are now a thing of the past with the Biden Administration . Although, significant steps have been taken this administration has yet to make any decisions concerning the pregnancy ban, health insurance ban, or CDC Title 42 which blocks and expels asylum seekers on the grounds of COVID -19).

To review AILA's series of charts click here:

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